NatWest Learning Academy – CareerSense 

These pages hold a range of resources to help you grow your Capabilities and Skills, developing your career. 




Capabilities group together related skills and interests that are important in a range of jobs, across all industries. 

Working Together

Working together means working well with others and valuing the views different people have. It’s about listening and communicating effectively and acting on feedback from other people.

Learning and Adapting

Learning and adapting is about being open to change as well as being curious and keen to learn new things. It’s also about looking after your own and others’ well-being.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is about using information to make decisions and solve problems, as well as having an awareness of how different pieces of information might connect with one another. It’s also about having great attention to detail.

Creative Thinking and Innovation

Creative thinking and innovation involves thinking about new ideas and how things can be improved. It’s about learning from experience and wanting things to be the best they can be. Exploring and making the most out of digital tools and technology is also important.

Relationship Building

Relationship building means creating good relationships with others through warmth and empathy, as well as being open, honest and taking responsibility for your actions.

Essential Skills

Essential skills are about being 'work ready' - these are some of the things that will help you succeed in any job.

Technical Skills

Technical skills include numeracy, writing, digital and coding skills.