Essential Skills

Learn about Essential skills that are about being ‘work ready’ – these are the things that will help you succeed in any job.

Essential Skills

Essential Skills include your organisation skills, your ability to work independently and use your initiative, and your self-awareness. These are things that are important for any job.

How to Prioritise Tasks Effectively

Organisation and planning

Learn how to manage your tasks effectively in this short clip. By knowing how to get things done effectively you can improve your time management skills and become more productive. 

Why the Secret to Success is Setting Your Own Goals

Working independently

Learn how setting the right goals can mean the difference between success and failure - and how we can use Objectives and Key Results to hold our leaders and ourselves accountable.

The Ownership Ladder

Working independently

There are eight levels of ownership that allow us to look at the choices we make and how we handle different situations, which will ultimately make achieving our visions much easier. 

Asking for Advice: Can you tell me what to do?

Using initiative

Do you ever ask for advice? If not, you should. Asking for advice helps you learn new things and bond with people. 

Emotional Intelligence From a Teenage Perspective

Using initiative

Intelligence comes in many forms. Park talks about his experience of emotional intelligence and the effects it had on his life, and the impact it could have on all of us. 

How to Be More Self Aware & Know Yourself Better

Self Awareness

There are five proven strategies described in this video, including mindfulness, journalling and getting feedback which, all help increase self-awareness and personal development.

Find your potential

Our Find your Potential questionnaire is all about helping you understand what skills you have, what you might enjoy and what jobs could be a great match for you.

It’ll take about 20 minutes to complete. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have access to your personalised feedback profile. This will provide in-depth insight into your strengths and things you may like to develop, as well as show you some jobs that you may be interested in.

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