Job Pathways

Our Job Pathways will help you learn more about the skills that are needed for jobs which are common across many sectors. 

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You’ll get exclusive access to learning, from one of the world’s leading learning content providers: Skillsoft, that will help to develop the skills and knowledge in each of the featured roles. The roles are divided in four areas for you to explore below.

Customer / HR

Customers and employees are at the heart of an organisation. So, roles focussed on their needs is vital. Our first featured role in this area is Relationship Manager.


The pace of change in many industries is driven by advances in technology, and so companies value people who can offer skills in this area. Learn more about roles in Technology – the first featured role is Cyber Security Analyst.

Business Strategy & Delivery

To survive and thrive, organisations need to be constantly flexing and evolving. It’s essential that they are future focussed and are aware of their external environment too. Learn more about roles in Business Strategy and Delivery – our first featured role is Sustainability Officer.

Risk and Finance (Coming soon)

Organisations must have a strong handle on their finances and be run safely so that they can look after the business, their employees and their customers well.  Learn more about roles in Risk and Finance.