Learning and Adapting

Explore these resources that will help you navigate change and build an inquisitive mind.

Learning and Adapting

Learning and adapting is about being open to change as well as being curious and keen to learn new things. It’s also about looking after your own and others’ well-being.

This includes qualities such as:

  • Not giving up when things don’t go to plan
  • Taking the time to find out as much as possible about a topic or piece of work
  • Remaining composed when faced with change or uncertainty
  • Working to achieve a high standard

How to Develop New Skills

Examples, tips and methods to help you develop new skills.

How to Master a New Skill

An article with top tips you can follow to become better at the things you want. 

Rise Above: My Mind

Website with lots of cool short clips and articles, tips on gaining confidence, blasting anxiety and general life stuff from the people who’ve been there.

Find your potential

Our Find your Potential questionnaire is all about helping you understand what skills you have, what you might enjoy and what jobs could be a great match for you.

It’ll take about 20 minutes to complete. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have access to your personalised feedback profile. This will provide in-depth insight into your strengths and things you may like to develop, as well as show you some jobs that you may be interested in.

You’ll be shown a log-in screen first. If you’ve not used the tool before, please select Register here where you’ll set up a username and password. 

Once you’ve read through your feedback it will suggest learning you can access on this site.