Working Together

Explore how best to effectively work with others, in teams and groups, large or small.

Working Together

Working together means working well with others and valuing the views different people have. It’s about listening and communicating effectively and acting on feedback from other people.

This includes qualities such as:

  • Working well as a team to achieve a group goal
  • Respecting others’ values and differences
  • Communicating clearly and simply
  • Sharing information with others to get the best outcomes

How to Disagree Productively (and Find Common Ground)

Ted Talk with a world debate champion offering techniques to reshape the way we talk to each other so we can start disagreeing productively and finding common ground.

The Secret to Great Opportunities: The Person You Haven't Met Yet

Ted Talk on how we can be more intentional about expanding our social circles and how it can lead to new ideas and opportunities.

How to Turn a Group of Strangers into a Team

Ted Talk on the things that are needed to turn a group of strangers into a quick-thinking team that can quickly respond to any challenge.

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