Complaints Process for customers in GRG

The GRG complaints process closed on 22 October 2018.

Should you still wish to make a complaint, details of how you can do this can be found below. Please note that any complaint now submitted will be reviewed by the bank’s Complaints Centre and there is no option of appeal to the Independent Third Party.

Background information on the GRG complaints process.

The complaints process opened in November 2016 when the bank provisioned £400m for payments to customers to cover both the complaints process and the Automatic Refund of Complex Fees.

The Automatic Refund of Complex Fees process was completed in July 2017 with offers worth £115million made to approx. 3,500 customers. By the end of 2019 an initial outcome letter had been sent to every complainant.

The Independent Third Party Reports

This section contains information on the role of the ITP, the Quarterly Reports on his assurance and appeals roles.

As a function of his role, the ITP produced a quarterly report on both the assurance of the GRG Complaints Process, and the progress made in assessing Appeals. The bank has received Sir William’s fourth quarterly report of 2021, which can be read below:

ITP Quarterly Report – Q4 2021 (PDF 136KB)

Can I still make a complaint?

The GRG complaints process closed to new complaints from eligible UK customers on 22 October 2018, and customers in the Republic of Ireland on 31 December 2018. However, any customer who wishes to raise a complaint can still do so. These complaints will be reviewed by the bank’s Complaints Centre, not by the GRG complaints process, and there will be no option of appeal to the Independent Third Party. 

Please follow the standard complaints process for your brand: