Complaints Process for customers in GRG

Latest information due to COVID-19

We are currently unable to take inbound telephone calls until further notice.

If you need to contact the GRG Customer Helpdesk for assistance, please email us at the following address and we will endeavour to reply within our usual 48 hours:

Email: GRGCustomerHelpdesk@rbs.co.uk

Please note that wherever possible we will be sending all further correspondence by email instead of issuing letters by post.

If you need to return documentation to us, we request that you email this to us at the above email address.

The ITP has informed the Bank that his office building has closed due to Covid-19. The ITP will continue to assess appeals remotely and can be contacted at appeals@itp.org.uk.

We thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

The GRG complaints process closed on 22 October 2018.

Should you still wish to make a complaint, details of how you can do this can be found below. Please note that any complaint now submitted will be reviewed by the bank’s Complaints Centre and there is no option of appeal to the Independent Third Party.

Background information on the GRG complaints process.

The complaints process opened in November 2016 when the bank provisioned £400m for payments to customers to cover both the complaints process and the Automatic Refund of Complex Fees.

The Automatic Refund of Complex Fees process was completed in July 2017 with offers worth £115million made to approx. 3,500 customers. By the end of 2019 an initial outcome letter had been sent to every complainant.

Our final Monthly Progress Report as at Thursday 31 December 2020 provides an analysis of the complaints received by the GRG Complaints Process, in addition to information on the outcomes and offers made.

These sections accessed below contain information on:

  • Progress to date
  • Principles and process for consequential loss claims
  • The Independent Third Party, including the appeal process & ITP Quarterly Reports
  • Further background information
  • Contact details for the bank’s Complaint Centre

Consequential Loss Principles

Some customers whose complaints are upheld may feel that they suffered a consequential loss which has not been adequately compensated for in the bank’s offer. In such circumstances they may submit a claim for consequential loss.

You can read our consequential loss principles here (PDF 54KB).

We have also produced a guidance note and case studies to help customers understand the different kinds of loss, together with a Customer Questionnaire, which customers may find helps them to structure a claim, all of which are below:

Consequential loss - guidance (PDF 107KB)

Consequential loss - case studies (PDF 104KB)

Consequential loss - Customer Questionnaire (PDF 199KB)

Monthly progress report

Click here to view our final Monthly Progress Report, which provides an analysis of complaint outcomes and offers.

GRG Complaints Process & Principles

Contains a variety of information, including; our principles, FAQs and guidance on both our principles, the complaints and consequential loss process, customer journey through the complaints process, our commitment to DISP, and an explanation of the bank’s Restructuring business.

The Independent Third Party: How to appeal & the ITP Reports

This section contains advice for eligible customers on making an appeal to the Independent Third Party (ITP). It also contains information on the role of the ITP, the Quarterly Reports on his assurance and appeals roles and FAQs including advice on making an appeal.

Refund of complex fees & the background to the GRG complaints process

Here you will find information on the refund of complex fees, the GRG complaints process and previous bank accouncements.

How can I tell if I should make a complaint?

Guidance on how you can tell if you should make a complaint.

Can I still make a complaint?

How you can submit a new complaint now, and also contact the GRG complaint process regarding any existing complaint submitted.