Refund of complex fees and the GRG complaints process

Refund of complex fees and the background of the GRG complaints process

The review of complex fees is complete and we have made offers to refund customers totalling £115m. In addition, all relevant PPFAs and EPAs have been cancelled.

Complex fees were automatically refunded because these were not always properly communicated or explained clearly enough by the bank.

There is still a small number of customers who we have not been able to contact to discuss the refund. If you believe you paid a complex fee but have not yet received the refund from us, please contact the GRG Customer Helpdesk. Please see FAQ D below for contact details.

FAQs: Automatic refund of complex fees

The GRG Complaints Process

The GRG complaints process closed to new complaints from eligible UK customers on 22 October 2018, and customers in the Republic of Ireland on 31 December 2018*.

While the GRG complaints process is closed, any customer who still wishes to raise a complaint can do so. These complaints will be reviewed by the bank’s Complaints Centre, not by the GRG complaints process, and there will be no option of appeal to the Independent Third Party.

Please follow the standard complaints process for your brand:

* There were some customers in the Republic of Ireland who were first informed of the GRG complaints process on 24 August 2018, and for these customers the GRG complaints process remained open until 31 August 2019.

Bank announcements

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  • our announcements made on 20 July 2018 on the closure of the GRG complaints process to new complaints, 
  • the original announcement made in November 2016 on the setting up of the GRG complaints process and the automatic refund of complex fees paid by SME customers who were in GRG between 2008 and 2013.
  • updated FAQs on the 2016 announcement