GRG Complaints Process and Principles

This section includes a variety of information on the GRG Complaints process, including Frequently Asked Questions (‘FAQs’) on both the process principles and the process – just click on either of those headings below.

Our principles document includes detail on the following process points:

  • Scope and Background
  • Considerations/Basis of assessment
  • Limitations
  • Assurance
  • The ITP Appeals Process

GRG Principles (PDF 65KB)

Customer journey through the complaints process

If you make a complaint it will go through a number of process steps before an outcome is reached. This document sets out each of these steps in an easy to follow guide that will help you to understand the process and what the next steps will be following your involvement.

Customer journey through the complaints process (PDF 92KB)

FAQs: GRG complaints process

Consequential loss – Principles and Guidance

Our consequential loss principles document includes detail on the following points:

  • Scope and background
  • Definitions
  • The high level process
  • Types of Loss
  • The ITP’s role in the Consequential Loss process

Consequential loss - Principles (PDF 54KB)

We have also produced a guidance note and case studies to help customers understand the different kinds of loss, together with a Customer Questionnaire, which customers may find helps them to structure a claim, all of which are below:

Consequential loss guidance (PDF 107KB)

Consequential loss case studies (PDF 14KB)

Consequential loss - Customer Questionnaire (PDF 199KB)

FAQs: Consequential Loss

Our commitment to DISP/CPC

We are committed to ensuring the fair treatment of all complainants and have designed our new complaints process to meet the best practice set out in the FCA’s Dispute Resolution (DISP) guidelines, and the regulations within the Consumer Protection Code (CPC) and SME Regulations for customers in the Republic of Ireland. We are committed to completing the complaints process as quickly as possible, but we must also ensure that the process is thorough, and it is taking longer than expected as we need to collate a significant amount of information in order to reach a decision. We will keep customers informed throughout to ensure they are aware of the likely timeframe for their complaint.

Our commitment to DISP (PDF 72KB)

Our commitment to CPC and SME Regulations (PDF 27KB)


The document below provides an explanation of the bank’s Restructuring business.

RBS Restructuring explained (PDF 61KB)