How can I tell if I should make a complaint?

The GRG complaints process closed to new complaints from eligible UK customers on 22 October 2018, and customers in the Republic of Ireland on 31 December 2018*. However, any customer who wishes to raise a complaint can still do so. These complaints will be reviewed by the bank’s Complaints Centre, not by the GRG complaints process, and there will be no option of appeal to the Independent Third Party.

Please follow the standard complaints process for your brand:

We recognise that some customers may not be sure whether to complain about what happened to them because they have nothing to benchmark their experience against. We have therefore set out below some points that you may find useful if you are trying to work out whether or not you should make a complaint.

* There were some customers in the Republic of Ireland who were first informed of the GRG complaints process on 24 August 2018, and for these customers the GRG complaints process remained open until 31 August 2019.

FAQs: Customers affected by our announcement in November 2016

Types of complaint

The FCA, in its announcement on 8 November 2016, referred to eight areas in which the inappropriate treatment of SME customers by RBS was identified in the Skilled Person’s report as being widespread. Points 1-7 below relate to the actions of the bank and point 8 relates to the conduct of bank employees.

These eight areas were the main areas of complaint dealt with by the GRG complaints process and we would encourage you to read these carefully as you consider whether to raise a complaint.