H, H J & D Badcock & Co

H, H J & D Badcock & Co (1790s-1872), established in Taunton, was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established in Taunton in the 1790s, when John and Isaac Badcock started offering banking services to customers of the drapery business they had started around 20 years earlier. By 1799 the firm of J & I Badcock was issuing banknotes. Isaac died in about 1816 and the firm was carried on by John Badcock, Daniel Badcock and John’s son, also John, as J, D & J Badcock; it was also known as Taunton Bank.

In 1819 John Badcock senior retired and the firm continued with two partners. Henry Badcock joined the partnership in about 1826 and Robert Badcock in about 1829. The firm was thereafter known as John, Daniel, Henry & Robert Badcock.

In 1831 John retired and Daniel became the senior partner, a position he held until he left the firm in 1840. In 1844 John Badcock junior joined Henry and Robert Badcock in partnership until 1847. Henry Jeffries Badcock became a partner in 1859 and in 1863 was joined by his cousin, also named Daniel, and Robert Badcock retired. From 1863 the firm traded as H, H J & D Badcock & Co.

The bank's main office was situated in Taunton, but sub-branches were opened at Dunster and Bampton in the 1830s and 1840s. In 1872, with effect from January 1873, the partners, Henry, Henry Jeffries and Daniel Badcock, transferred the business of H, H J & D Badcock & Co to Stuckey's Banking Co of Langport.

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of H, H J & D Badcock & Co have the reference code BAD.

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  • partnership agreements 1844-1878
  • deposit receipts 1854-1858
  • banknote 1860
  • partners’ private ledger 1868-1878
  • cheque book 1872
  • amalgamation agreement and papers 1872-1893

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