Bradford District Bank Ltd

Bradford District Bank Ltd (1862-1918) was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This joint stock bank, one of the first limited liability banks, was established in Market Street, Bradford, in 1862 by leaders in the local woollen industry. In 1867 a branch was opened at Keighley.

The bank acquired the property and some of the business of London & Northern Bank in 1899 and Bradford Commercial Joint Stock Banking Co in 1904. From 1900 further branches were opened, initially in Harrogate and Leeds and later in Bingley, Clayton, Crosshills, Dewsbury, Halifax, Huddersfield, Shipley, Silsden and Wibsey. Deposits increased from £370,000 in 1872 to £800,000 in 1881 and £1m in 1891.

The bank was acquired by National Provincial & Union Bank of England in 1918.

Branches: at the time of its acquisition in 1918 the bank was operating 10 branches and 4 sub-branches.

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Bradford District Bank Ltd have the reference code BRD.

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Corporate records

  • memoranda and articles of association 1862-1910
  • certificates of incorporation and registration 1862-1910
  • directors’ meeting minute books: 1862-1919, private 1913-1919
  • half-yearly and annual reports 1863-1921
  • analysis of Bradford joint stock bank annual reports 1897
  • manager’s correspondence 1901-1910
  • register of directors 1901-1907, 1917
  • shareholders' register 1916-1919
  • amalgamation papers 1918-1926

Financial records

  • bill of exchange 1865
  • fortnightly balance sheets 1910-1919
  • private ledgers 1913-1919

Customer records

  • memorandum of securities deposited 1865
  • cheque form 1907
  • specimen forms c.1900s
  • Head office branch records
  • comparative branch statistics registers 1910-1920

Staff records

  • staff service agreements 1862-1892
  • declaration of secrecy register 1862-1912
  • salary books 1870-1918
  • Property records
  • branch title deed 1868
  • presscutting re new premises 1872

Branch records

  • selected records