Crompton, Newton & Co (Chesterfield)

Crompton, Newton & Co (1808-77), established in Chesterfield, was a past constituent of NatWest. It should not be confused with Crompton, Newton & Co of Derby.

Brief history

This private bank was established in Chesterfield in 1808 as Crompton & Co by the partners in Crompton & Co of Derby; it was also known as Scarsdale & High Peak Bank. It remained closely associated with the Derby bank.

By 1812 the firm's partners were John Crompton, John Leaper Newton, William Waller, John Bell Crompton, William Newton and Gilbert Crompton, trading as Crompton, Newton, Leaper & Co. The firm was known as Crompton & Coller in 1819; Crompton, Crompton, Newton & Crompton by 1829; and Crompton, Newton & Co by 1846.

By 1830 the Derby and Chesterfield banks shared the same partners and appear to have merged, effectively operating as a single bank - Crompton, Newton & Co - with a head office in Derby and a branch in Chesterfield.

In 1877 the two banks formally merged, along with W & S Evans and Co of Derby, to form a limited liability joint stock bank called Crompton & Evans' Union Bank Ltd.

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Crompton, Newton & Co of Chesterfield have the reference code CNW. 

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Partnership records

  • partners' correspondence 1840-3, 1862

Financial records

  • daily cash balance books 1808-29

Customer records

  • deposit receipt ledger 1808-15
  • customer account ledger 1808-24
  • customer account pass books 1816-38, 1863-71
  • receipt 1857
  • papers re Alton Colliery 1858-73
  • customer assignment of security 1869

Property records

  • insurance policy 1865

Note issue records

  • banknote registers 1810-77
  • banknotes 1859-70s
  • printing plates and cheques 19th century