Dixon, Brooks & Dixon

Dixon, Brooks & Dixon (c.1788-1859), established in London, was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established in Chancery Lane, London, in about 1788 by Richard Master, Edward Dawson, George Brooks, John Kirton & Ralph Clayton. In 1791 Dixon replaced Ralph Clayton as junior partner and the firm was named Master, Dawson, Brooks, Kirton & Dixon.

In 1859 the business, and some staff, were transferred to Union Bank of London, which opened a branch bank at 13 Fleet Street to carry on the business.

Detailed list of name changes

  • Master, Dawson, Brooks, Kirton & Clayton c.1788
  • Master, Dawson, Brooks, Kirton & Dixon 1791
  • Dawson, Brooks, Son & Dixon from 1802
  • Brooks, Son & Dixon from 1814
  • Brooks & Dixon from 1819
  • Dixon, Langdale, Dixon & Brooks from 1825
  • Dixon, Son & Brooks from 1831
  • Dixon, Brooks & Dixon from 1836

Published histories

  • FG Hilton Price, A handbook of London Bankers (London: Chatto & Windus, 1890)

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Dixon, Brooks & Dixon have the reference code DBD.

  • cheques 1840-4