Halford, Baldock & Co

Halford, Baldock & Co (1790-1841), established in Canterbury, was a bank connected with the history of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established in 1790 as Baker, Denne, Kingsford, Wigzell & Kingsford by John Baker, John Denne, Sampson Kingsford, (forename unknown) Wigzell and William Kingsford. By 1796 the firm had merged with Baldock, Rigden, Halford & Pierce, and was thereafter also known as Canterbury Union Bank. In 1841, when styled Halford, Baldock & Co, the bank failed and on liabilities of £120,000 paid 10s in the pound. London & County Banking Co opened a new branch in Canterbury shortly after the failure.

Detailed list of name changes

  • Baker, Denne, Kingsford, Wigzell & Kingsford in 1790
  • John Baker, John Denne, Sampson Kingsford, William Kingsford & Richard
  • Halford senior & Richard Halford junior until 1802
  • John Baker & Richard Halford senior & junior by 1812
  • Baker, Kingsford & Halford by 1815
  • Halford, Baldock & Co by 1822

Also known as the Union Bank or Canterbury Union Bank.

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Halford, Baldock & Co have the reference code HAB.

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  • cheque form 1830s
  • letter to London agent re payment suspension 1841
  • banknotes 1840-1