Hammersley, Greenwood & Brooksbank

Hammersley, Greenwood & Brooksbank (1780s-1840), established in London, was a past constituent of Coutts & Co.

Brief history

This private bank traced its origins to Ransome, Morland & Hammersley, established at 57 Pall Mall, in London’s West End, in the mid 1780s. By 1787 it was banker to the Prince of Wales and in 1792 the Prince’s debts to Hammersleys, totalling over £46,000, were discharged by the banker Thomas Coutts. By 1796 Thomas Hammersley was in partnership with Montolieu, Brooksbank, Greenwood & Drewe at 76 Pall Mall. The business was of considerable size, employing 16 clerks in 1801. Montolieu and Drewe retired in 1804 and by 1820 respectively; in 1823 the bank was styled Hammersley, Greenwood & Brooksbank and was based at 69 Pall Mall. In 1838 a merger with Coutts & Co was proposed, but did not proceed. In 1840, however, following the death of the senior partner Hugh Hammersley, Coutts & Co acquired the bank’s assets and its business was discontinued.

Published histories

  • FG Hilton Price, A Handbook of London bankers (London, Chatto & Windus, 1876)
  • E Healey, Coutts & Co 1692-1992. The Portrait of a Private Bank (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1992)

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