Hartleys & Co

Hartleys & Co (1786-1837), established in Whitehaven, was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established in 1786 as Hartley, Littledale, Hartley & Potter. The partners were brothers John and Thomas Hartley, merchants; Samuel Potter, a draper; and Henry Littledale. It was also known as Whitehaven Bank. In 1837, when known as Hartleys & Co, the bank was converted into a joint stock bank, Bank of Whitehaven.

Detailed list of name changes

  • Hartley, Littledale, Hartley & Potter in 1786
  • Hartley, Littledale & Co by 1796
  • Hartleys, Potter & Co by 1810
  • Hartley, Hartley, Harrison & Hartley by 1829
  • Hartley, Hartley & Harrison in 1834
  • Hartleys & Co in 1837

Also known as Whitehaven Bank.

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Hartleys & Co have the reference code HAR.

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  • banknotes n.d., 1825, 1834

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