Leatham, Tew & Co

Leatham, Tew & Co (1801-47), established in Doncaster, was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established in Doncaster in 1801 by John Leatham, James Jackson, Thomas William Tew and Edward Trueman and traded as Leatham, Jackson & Co; the bank was otherwise known as Doncaster Bank. It was renamed Leatham, Tew, Trueman & Co in 1824. By this time it was also known as East Riding Bank. From 1834 it was known as Leatham, Tew & Co. The partners also owned banks by the same name at Pontefract and Wakefield and there was also an association with Hayes, Leatham & Co (est. 1792) of Malton and Lister, Moorson & Co (est. 1792) of Scarborough. The Doncaster firm was sold to Cooke & Co of Doncaster in 1847. The Pontefract bank of the same partnership was taken over by Barclay & Co Ltd of London in 1906.