Loyd, Entwisle & Co

Loyd, Entwisle & Co (1771-1863), established in Manchester, was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established by 1771 by John Jones, a tea merchant who began to offer banking services to his customers. In a 1772 Manchester directory the firm was described as John Jones & Co, 'bankers and tea dealers', at Market-stead Lane. Jones died in 1775 and his sons Samuel, Joseph, Daniel and William took over the business. They appear to have given up the tea trade to concentrate on banking. The bank issued its own notes. It moved to King Street in the late 1770s.

In around 1783, when the bank's London agents Vere, Sapte & Co decided to reduce their Lancashire commitments, the firm set up its own office in Watling Street, London, as Joseph Jones & Co under the management of Joseph Jones. For decades the two houses were closely linked. The Manchester firm was known as Jones, Barkers, Jones & Co by 1792; Jones, Fox & Co by 1797; Samuel & William Jones, Loyds & Co from 1816; and William Jones, Loyds & Co or Jones, Loyds & Co from 1819 until 1848.

In 1848 the firm underwent a change in partners which led to the link with the London house being severed. The new partnership was known as Loyd, Entwisle, Bury & Jervis and traded under the name of Loyd, Entwisle & Co. The bank was acquired by Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co in 1863.

Published history

  • LH Grindon, Manchester Banks and Bankers (Manchester: Palmer & Howe, 1877)

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archive records of Loyd, Entwisle & Co have the reference code LOY.

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Partnership records

  • notice for meeting re problems with London agent 1793
  • Edward Loyd, partner, family papers 1829-74
  • partners' business papers 1809-64
  • partner's private papers 1859-60

Financial records

  • tax forms and receipts 1836-59
  • weekly balances books 1848-51
  • private ledger 1848-63
  • partner's account passbook 1855-7
  • daily balance book 1857-64

Customer records

  • draft 1796
  • customer account passbooks 1802-62
  • payment receipt 1808
  • cheques and cheque forms 1808-63
  • deposit receipt, 1820
  • customer correspondence 1827-37
  • customer account ledger 1844-59
  • list of transferred customer balances 1848-9
  • circulars 1848, 1862-3
  • character book 1809, 1856-61

Property records

  • window tax assessment 1850
  • architectural drawings, Manchester 1853

Note issue record

  • banknotes 1800s, 1820s