Moxon & Percival

Moxon & Percival (c.1781-1887), established in Towcester, was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established in about 1781. It originally traded under the name of its founder John Jenkinson, a local silk mercer and linen draper. It was also known as Towcester Old Bank.

Jenkinson died in 1815 and the bank was sold by his executors to John & Samuel Percival, bankers of Northampton. In 1836 when John & Samuel Percival transferred their Northampton bank to joint stock status, becoming Northamptonshire Union Bank, the Towcester business remained a separate private bank to avoid compromising the new joint-stock bank's right to issue banknotes.

In 1887, when trading as Moxon & Percival, the bank finally merged with Northamptonshire Union Bank.

Detailed list of name changes

  • John Jenkinson from c.1781
  • John and Samuel Percival in 1844
  • John, Samuel and Frederick Samuel Percival in 1850
  • Frederick Samuel Percival and John Mercer in 1852
  • John Mercer, John Callis and Thomas Mercer in 1863
  • John and Thomas Mercer in 1864
  • Thomas Mercer, Henry Billington Whitworth and Owen Wallis in 1867
  • Henry Billington Whitworth, Owen Wallis and Robert Henry Hewitt in 1875
  • Owen Wallis and Robert Henry Hewitt in 1879
  • Robert Henry Hewitt and William Moxon in 1882
  • William Moxon and Frederick Samuel Percival in 1884

Also known as Towcester Old Bank.

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Moxon & Percival have the reference code MOX.

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  • cheques and cheque forms 1781-1887
  • partners' correspondence re creation of Northamptonshire Union Bank 1836
  • mutilated banknote indemnity 1865
  • banknote 1877