Stockton & Durham County Bank

Stockton & Durham County Bank (1838-46) was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This joint stock bank was established in Stockton in 1838 with a capital of £150,000. A branch was opened in Guisborough by 1845. The bank failed in 1846, when 25% of the paid-up capital had been lost, and was acquired by National Provincial Bank of England. The company was dissolved in 1853 when its affairs were finally settled.

Branches: In 1846 one branch was operating.

Summary of our holdings

Our archival records of Stockton & Durham County Bank have the reference code STO.

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  • prospectus 1838
  • directors’ meeting minute book 1838-53
  • general meeting minute book 1838-53
  • deed of settlement 1839