Stuckey, Lean & Co

Stuckey, Lean & Co (1806-26), established in Bristol, was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established in Broad Quay, Bristol, in 1806 as Stuckeys, Lean, Hart & Co by George Stuckey, Vincent Stuckey, James Lean and John Hart, partners of Stuckey & Co of Langport. James Lean, who was married to a member of the Stuckey family, was the managing partner. It was known as Stuckeys, Lean, Hart & Maningford by 1811 and later as Stuckey, Lean & Co. It was also known as Bristol & Somersetshire Bank.

In 1826 the bank merged with the Stuckey family's other banking businesses – Stuckey & Co and Stuckeys & Woodlands of Bridgwater – to form the joint stock bank Stuckey's Banking Co. It was not until 1828, however, that the various titles used at Bristol, Bridgwater and Langport were discontinued and the business carried on as Stuckey's Banking Co.

Published history

  • PT Saunders, Stuckey’s Bank (Taunton: Barnicott & Pierce, 1928)

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Stuckey, Lean & Co have the reference code STL.

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  • bill of exchange 1811
  • share receipt 1816
  • banknote 1818