Tufnell, Falkner & Co

Tufnell, Falkner & Co (c.1775-1841) was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established in Bath by 1775 as Atwood, Abrahams, Collett, Salmon & Harris. Atwood was a surgeon; William Abrahams a clothier; Isaac Collett a wine merchant; John Salmon an insurance agent; and William Harris an ironmonger. It was called Tufnell, Stroud, Collett, Payne & Hope from 1810; Tufnell, Falkner & Falkner from 1812; and later Tufnell, Collett, Payne & Hope. It was also known as Bladud Bank.

In 1825 the firm of Tufnell, Collett, Payne & Hope was dissolved and restyled Tufnell, Collett & Co, separating it from Payne & Hope, Wells Bank (est. 1800; failed 1831), previously run by the same partners. The bank opened a branch in Chippenham in the 1830s and was subsequently known as Tufnell, Falkner & Co. The partners were Richard Falkner and Francis Henry Falkner when the bank was acquired by Stuckey’s Banking Co of Langport in 1841.

Published history

  • A Jones, 'The Banks of Bath', Notes and Queries, 203, 1958

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Tufnell, Falkner & Co have the reference code TUF.

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Financial records

  • private ledger 1825-34
  • private account book incl. balance sheets 1826-41
  • cash books 1826-44
  • notes re nature and extent of business 1838
  • amalgamation papers 1838-43

Customer records

  • banker’s draft 1814
  • deposit receipts 1816
  • bills of exchange 1821, 1838
  • papers re customer accounts 1827-41
  • list of bad and doubtful debts 1834
  • securities, railway company share certificates 1836
  • safe custody receipt 1836
  • cheque form c.1840
  • list of accounts 1841

Property records

  • furniture and fittings valuation 1841
  • invoice for gas supply 1841

Note issue records

  • banknotes 1825-39
  • drafts and notes circulation book 1834-43
  • indemnities re mutilated notes 1836-41
  • papers re note circulation 1841-3
  • outstanding drafts and notes list 1842
  • outstanding notes book 1843

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