Going the extra mile

Ten objects showing how we have worked over the centuries to go further and do better for our customers.

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Drawn on Morris & Clayton, this is one of the oldest surviving British cheques.

Issued to customers of Messrs Drummond to enable them to obtain cash when travelling abroad.

Fanny Hopkins was London & County Bank's first female branch agent.

Miniature passbook made by National Provincial Bank for Queen Mary's dolls' house.

Promoting National Provincial Bank's branches in London railway stations.

Issued by Bishopston branch of Westminster Bank.

Compiled by staff of the Royal Bank of Scotland to help a customer who did not speak English.

Strip of savings stamps issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Film entitled 'A Portrait of the Royal Bank', showing a Royal Bank of Scotland mobile bank in action.

The world's first fully functional banking app, launched by the Royal Bank of Scotland.