Our people at work

Ten objects illuminating the working lives of bank staff, from the earliest clerks to our modern diverse workforce.

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Used for filing Drummonds Bank promissory notes.

Worn by James Douglas of Commercial Bank of Scotland in memory of Alexander Macartney.

Used to prevent muscle strain when writing in large ledgers. 

The Royal Bank of Scotland's first magazine for staff.

Depicting 144 managers of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Sent by Samuel McKnight to his former colleagues at the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

The Underwood No.5 was a popular model in many offices, including banks.

Papers for Part 1 of the Institute of Bankers examinations.

Issued by National Bank of Scotland, preventing clerks from marrying until their income was high enough.

The Royal Bank's staff wardrobe included a sari option from 1994 onwards.