Serving our customers

Ten items revealing how - as our customers have changed over the centuries - we have changed to meet their developing needs.

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1: Overdraft authorisation, 1728

The world's first overdraft was granted by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

2: Business rules, 1792

Andrew Berkeley Drummond set out these rules for the good operation of his family bank, Messrs Drummond.

3: £1 note, 1827

This design, issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland from 1826, was Britain's first double-sided banknote.

4: Model bank vault, c.1900

The vault this model represents was in National Bank of Scotland's head office.

5: Photo of Catford branch, 1908

This branch had recently been opened by London & County Bank.

6: Home safe, 1920s

This safe was issued by National Provincial Bank.

7: Cash card, 1969

Card for use in the Royal Bank of Scotland's earliest cash dispensing machines.

8: Credit card advert, 1972

Counter-top advertisement for Access credit cards.

9: Piggy bank, 1984

Woody, the youngest in the family of piggy banks issued to NatWest's young savers.

10: Telephone tonepad, 1988

For accessing NatWest's telephone banking service from a dial-only handset.