Times of turmoil

Ten objects exploring how NatWest Group and its past and present constituent banks have coped with times of danger and upheaval in history.

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71: Customer ledger, 1663-74

Account ledger kept by goldsmith-banker Robert Blanchard during the Great Plague and Great Fire of London.

72: Cashier's diary, 1745

Diary kept by John Campbell, cashier of the Royal Bank of Scotland, during the Jacobite Rising.

73: Blunderbuss, 1781

Gun bought by Messrs Drummond in the aftermath of the Gordon Riots.

74: Director's minutes, 1793

Records kept by the Royal Bank of Scotland's directors during a financial crisis.

75: Oliver Heywood's diary, 1866

Notes kept by a Manchester banker during the Overend, Gurney crisis.

76: Notice to branches, 1914

Notice to branch managers of Williams Deacon's Bank announcing the long bank holiday at the outbreak of the First World War.

77: Tank lapel flag, 1917

Lapel pin given to contributors to national fundraising during the First World War.

78: Manager's spectacles, 1922

Glasses of Thomas Mitchell, manager of Ulster Bank's Tullamore branch.

79: A Day at Lothbury, 1940

Film depicting life and work at Westminster Bank's head office in wartime.

80: Sustainability Report, 2008

Issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland.