Turning points

Ten items representing decisive moments in the history of NatWest Group or of British banking as a whole.

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31: Cloth stock account, 1653-59

Stocktaking account of Nottingham cloth merchant Thomas Smith, showing his business evolving into a bank.

32: Goldsmith's ledger, 1671-72

Customer ledger of London goldsmith and banker Edward Backwell.

33: Founding charter, 1727

Royal charter establishing the Royal Bank of Scotland.

34: Bank articles, 1826

Articles establishing Lancaster Joint Stock Banking Co, England's first big shareholder-owned provincial bank.

35: Banknotes bill, 1844

Parliamentary bill proposing regulation of the right to issue banknotes.

36: Branch sign, c.1909

Enamel plaque from Bordon Army Camp branch of London County & Westminster Bank.

37: Acquisition letter, 1924

Letter from Messrs Drummond announcing its acquisition by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

38: Clock, 1961

Promotional clock produced for North Central Finance Company.

39: Poster, 1982

Poster responding to the Monopolies & Mergers Commission's rejection of two bids to buy the Royal Bank of Scotland.

40: NatWest offer document, 1999

Document outlining the Royal Bank of Scotland's bid for the acquisition of NatWest.