Customer ledgers of Edward Backwell, 1663-1672

This page is the access point for the online PDF records of Edward Backwell.

Accessing the records

In order to view digital copies of the records, you must submit a completed application form (PDF 106 KB), agreeing to comply with our standard terms and conditions. You may return the form by email to or by post to NatWest Group Archives, 6 South Gyle Crescent Lane, Edinburgh, EH12 9EG. Password-controlled access will then be granted to the online digital copies.

Access to the online digital copies can be made through the relevant access indices listed below. The source overview (PDF 3.7 MB) provides a guide to these records. 

Customer ledger I-J, 1663-1664

Customer ledger L, 1664

Customer ledger M, 1664-1665

Customer ledger O, 1666

Customer ledger P, 1666-1667

Customer ledger Q, 1668-1669

Customer ledger R, 1669-1670

Customer ledger S, 1670-1671

Customer ledger T, 1671-1672