War memorials and remembrance

NatWest Group is committed to honouring the memory of members of its staff who lost their lives in war.

Our remembrance resources

NatWest Group Remembers commemorates bank colleagues who died in wars during the 20th century, and explores the impact of war on our banks, their staff and customers. It includes two searchable databases containing details of our colleagues who lost their lives in the two world wars. At present, the databases cover all 1,584 who died in the First World War and 980 who died in the Second World War.

The NatWest Group Book of Remembrance (1939 to date) (PDF 208KB) records the names of members of staff from the bank’s constituent banks who lost their lives during the Second World War. It also commemorates one man who died in the Korean War.

War memorials

Many of our constituent banks erected memorials to those among their staff who lost their lives in war. These ranged from bronze plaques and shields to substantial marble monuments built into the fabric of buildings.

Today, we care for over 300 war memorials in properties across the UK and information on each of them can be found through our searchable database. Many are found in the former head office buildings of our predecessor banks, while others are displayed in branches and commemorate staff from smaller branch communities. These memorials represent an important link with our past. Wherever possible they stay with us when we move out of old buildings. 

We have also shared information about our memorials, and the names inscribed upon them, with the UK National Inventory of War Memorials in order to make it accessible to the widest possible audience.