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Andy Murray’s mother visits RBS partner schools

It’s not every day that a Wimbledon champion’s mother pops into your school. Judy Murray did just that on a visit to two RBS partner primary schools, to lead special Set4Sport sessions with pupils and their parents.

Judy joined the Set4Sport coaches at Kobi Nazrul Primary School in Whitechapel and St George’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Southwark, transforming the playgrounds into a hive of physical activity, rotating the children through energetic games such as ‘jumping the river’, ‘tidy your room’ and ‘race and chase’.

Set4Sport is a fun way to help children improve co-ordination, balance and agility through games. Designed by Judy, it’s a free toolkit bursting with activities that can be played anywhere, mostly using items found in the house, including pieces of rope, a tin of beans, cushions and shoes.

Set4Sport has been supported by RBS since its launch in 2011 and showcases the games Judy played with her sons, Andy and Jamie, as children more than 20 years ago.

Co-ordination skills

Judy said: “I played ball games with Jamie and Andy almost as soon as they could walk. We didn’t know it then, but we were all taking part in the most basic of coaching sessions. Not only was it great fun but it also helped them develop the co-ordination skills that would allow them to play any sport competently in later life.”

Kamal Butt, Headteacher at Kobi Nazrul said: “It was heartening to see the interaction between so many children and their parents. The RBS Set4Sport games have given them ideas on how to use simple household objects in fun activities at home.”

Lloyd Welsh, Deputy Headteacher at St George's Roman Catholic Primary School in Southwark, said: "The children and their parents were delighted to meet Judy Murray; it really boosted the children's confidence and aspirations."

Engaging children and their parents in structured play is just one way Markets and International Banking is supporting schools in the community. We also partner with St George's and Kobi Nazrul on a weekly volunteering programme, where employees support students with reading and maths. The schools also receive financial literacy lessons and IT support from employees. 

This is part of our vision to share our passion, strength and wealth as a global team, to help transform the lives of disadvantaged young people in our local communities.


Visit Set4Sport.com to register for your free book or download the free app.

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