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Business meets the Politicians

Professionals from Norwich and Norfolk met recently with Norwich MPs Chloe Smith and Simon Wright to analyse and discuss the local economy.

This is a regular meeting of leaders from the city's professional community and the invitation was extended to Chloe and Simon to continue the dialogue between business and politicians, something both parties are keen to encourage further. In a productive evening for both sides many topics where discussed including confidence and prospects in the local market, the image of the county as a business destination, the infrastructure around Norfolk and its barriers, education and skills and business regulation.

The evening's host, Nick Winter, director, commercial banking at NatWest in Norfolk said: "This was a really productive discussion where a number of issues were aired. It is important as contributors to, and stakeholders in the local economy that we remain in close dialogue with each other as we seek to work in a collegiate fashion for the benefit of the region and its economic performance. The ability to share views with our local politicians was very refreshing and I sense from discussions after the event all participants took a lot out of the meeting."

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