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Digital intelligence company unleashes new technology with NatWest support

A company which owns the world’s biggest and most accurate commercially accessible index of the internet is diversifying its operations and expanding with funding from NatWest.

Stockport-based Stealth Intelligence (stealthintelligence.co.uk) uses its internet index to feed the company’s exclusive range of market leading digital intelligence tools that support the day to day marketing activities of many of the largest online businesses globally.

Established by Andrew Stubbs and Stephen Dimsey in April 2009, Stealth Intelligence has been growing at an incredible rate of 700% year on year.

To maintain this momentum Stubbs and Dimsey are diversifying their business with a range of new innovative technologies offering their clients intelligence, insight and competitive advantages not available to others. The directors turned to Gavin Flynn, Relationship Manager in the NatWest Cheshire office for funding through the Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme to develop the technologies in a fully scalable format.

Global product

Stubbs said: “Although we’d had a lot of interest from investors in the project, we wanted to remain fully in control of the business and avoid giving away any equity. The only way to do this was through funding from the bank.

“The new technology is a global product and will offer our customers the competitive advantages they require in the increasingly aggressive landscapes of search engines and associated marketing activities – resulting in significant increases of online revenue and audience reach.”

This funding has enabled Stealth Intelligence to build several additional leading marketing platforms, including AffiliScape, a licensed product which enables customers to understand the profile of their website traffic and ensure they recruit the most appropriate and beneficial advertising partners to their online businesses.

As a result, Stealth Intelligence expects a 40% increase in turnover in the first year alone.

Stubbs said: “Gavin has proven himself to be what I consider to be Best-of-Breed, available - night and day - with a passion for our success that I would never have expected from an external party, especially a bank.”

Stubbs and Dimsey plan to open a European office in Bulgaria to further extend their global presence in the near future. Longer term they will continue to grow the business at a rapid pace, raising the business’s profile at a consistent rate, and hope to become the largest digital intelligence company globally.

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