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Stuart Haire, MD Direct Bank, reflects on the bank’s progress with technology and how innovation is helping us serve customers better.

I’m a bit of techie. I can’t help it. Whether it’s queuing for the new iPhone on release day or eagerly waiting for the launch of domestic robots (expected later this year if anyone is interested…) I just love it. The good thing is this is actually a benefit in my job. I look after the digital elements of the bank – from online banking and our mobile banking app to our Twitter teams who are there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your questions.

It’s great that I get to bring my love of new and innovative technology to work. It’s probably why I’m so excited about our announcement today - that NatWest and RBS will be two of the first UK banks to offer our customers access to Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a new payment service that will transform mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay when it launches in the UK next month.

The introduction of Apple Pay is another way NatWest and RBS are making it easier and more secure for customers to do their banking on the move. It’s not the only way our customers can do this though. Our recent digital innovations such as Touch ID (where our customers can open the NatWest and RBS mobile apps using just a fingerprint) and Get Cash (where customers can withdraw money from an ATM without a bank card by using a text code generated by their mobile banking app) are perfect examples of how we’re innovating for the sake of service.

Almost 50% of our customers use online banking every week and over 3 million customers use our mobile banking apps every week so it goes without saying that customers value simple ways to do their banking using the most up to date and secure technology. The introduction of Apple Pay brings us another ‘tap’ closer to becoming the best bank in the UK for customer service.

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