Isle of Man Bank

The community bank.


Isle of Man Bank is a local community bank with a strong heritage as the Island’s oldest native bank.

The bank offers retail, private and business banking services to its local Isle of Man customers.

Founded by islanders in 1865, to meet the growing need for reliable banking services, it has maintained strong links with the local community and is proud to be known as ‘the community bank’.

Did you know?

  • The Isle of Man Bank logo makes use of the 3-legged Manx symbol, a triskele, which also features on the Isle of Man Flag.
  • On its first day in 1865, the bank took deposits of £3,000, worth over £250,000 today.
  • In 2015, Isle of Man Bank saw the launch of its mobile branch ‘Penny’, delivering banking services to even more customers in its local community.

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