Bank of Bolton Ltd

Bank of Bolton Ltd (1836-96) was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This joint stock bank was established in Bolton in 1836, with a capital of £300,000. It moved to new premises in 1868. The bank assumed limited liability, becoming Bank of Bolton Ltd, in 1879. At that time it had branches in Farnworth, Atherton, Southport, Tyldesley and Walkden. The bank was acquired by Manchester & County Bank Ltd in 1896.

Branches: The bank opened 8 branches and sub-branches between 1836 and 1896. At the time of its acquisition in 1896, 5 branches and 3 sub-branches were operating.

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Bank of Bolton Ltd have the reference code BBO.

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Corporate records

  • deeds of settlement 1836-1869
  • directors’ meeting minute books 1836-1897
  • certificate of incorporation 1873
  • shareholder registers 1873-1895
  • directors' attendance book 1879-1897
  • annual reports 1880-1896
  • directors’ meeting agenda books 1888-1897
  • manager's letterbook 1888-1896

Customer records

  • customer account ledgers 1839-1842, 1894-1896
  • probate register 1839-1896
  • cheque books 1873, 1884
  • manager’s remembrancer re customer accounts 1891-1896

Marketing records

  • booklet re bank’s services 1886

Branch records

  • selected records