Buckleys, Shaw & Co

Buckleys, Shaw & Co (c.1814-1833), established in Dobcross, was a past constituent of NatWest.

Brief history

This private bank was established in around 1814 as Buckley & Co. The partners were James Buckley, John Roberts and John Wrigley, who were also partners in Harrop & Co (est. 1810), bankers of Dobcross, and Buckley, Roberts & Co (est.1813), bankers of Saddleworth.

In 1829 the bank's partners were James Buckley, John Roberts junior, John Wrigley, Robert Shaw and Francis Shaw Buckley. By 1834, with the departure of Wrigley and Roberts, the firm’s name changed to Buckleys, Shaw & Co.

In 1825 the banks of Dobcross experienced a run on deposits, but Buckleys, Shaw & Co survived the crisis. In 1833 Buckleys, Shaw & Co was converted into a joint stock bank, Saddleworth Banking Co.

Summary of our archive holdings

Our archival records of Buckleys, Shaw & Co have the reference code BUC.

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  • customer account ledgers: current 1806-1834, deposit 1824-1859
  • banknote pull 1820s
  • cheques and cheque forms 1820s, 1832-1833
  • account book 1831-1833