This site features pages about selected people who have worked for NatWest Group and its constituents over the centuries. Some were leaders or pioneers who made important contributions to public affairs, social change, science or the arts. Others may seem less significant at first glance, but each one has played a part in our history.

Exploring the lives of individual people - famous and obscure, ordinary and extraordinary - can be a rewarding way of learning more about our past. 

On this page you can browse the names chronologically by date of death. You can also view them alphabetically.

Chronological listing


Blanchard, Robert

Backwell, Edward



Child, Francis (I)

Paterson, William

Child, Francis (II)



Campbell, Archibald, Earl of Ilay

Vere, Joseph

Drummond, George

Drummond, Andrew

Glyn, Richard



Campbell, John

Currie, William

Lowe, Richard

Raymond, Charles

Grote, Andrew

Hallifax, Thomas

Prescott, George

Drummond, Henry, of the Grange

Wheatley, George

Dimsdale, Thomas



Eyre, Vincent

Drummond, Robert

Dale, David

Simpson, William

Moncrieff, Robert Scott

Thornton, Henry

Coutts, Thomas



Innes, Gilbert

Alexander, Forrest

Drummond, Andrew Berkeley

Coutts, Harriot

Glyn, Richard Carr

Smith, Robert

MacArtney, Alexander

Currie, Isaac

Priaulx, Thomas

Stuckey, Vincent

Joplin, Thomas

O'Connell, Daniel



Royds, Clement

Pearson, William

Rodgers, John

Drummond, Henry, of Albury

Laurie, Peter

Labouchere, John Peter

Gilbart, James William

Taylor, James

Robertson, Daniel

Heywood, Benjamin

Pares, Thomas

Paul, Robert

Child-Villiers, Sarah Sophia

Grimshaw, Robert

Douglas, James

Parr, Thomas

Bailey, Samuel

Rule, George

Ringland, Thomas

Mills, Charles

Glyn, George Carr



Angas, George Fife

Ponton, Mungo

Langton, William

Currie, Raikes

Massey, William

Thornton, Henry Sykes

Newmarch, William

Rushton, Thomas Lever

Buchan, John

Caldecott, Randolph

Glyn, George Grenfell

Heywood, Oliver

Gifford, John

Halse, George

Currie, Bertram Wodehouse

Fleming, James Simpson

Mills, Charles Henry



Fidgeon, William

Wilkinson, Thomas Read

Aikman, Andrew

Smail, James

Harvey, Alfred Spalding

Sanders, Edward

Price, Frederick George Hilton

McKewan, William

Slattery, Henry Francis

Lubbock, John

Hopkins, Fanny

Crompton, John Gilbert

Child-Villiers, Victor Albert George

Mills, Charles Thomas

Smith, Thomas Hector

McKnight, Samuel

Mills, Charles William

Huie, David

Mills, Algernon Henry

Child-Villiers, George Henry Robert



Leaf, Walter

Haig, Douglas

Shand, Alexander

Rae, John

Wright, Alexander Kemp

Kerr, Andrew

Michie, Andrew Smith

Schuster, Felix

Davies, Edward

Tait, Adam

Law, Andrew Allison

Lawrence, Herbert

Whyte, William

Guthrie, Connop

Lillie, Thomas

Newman, Thomas Charles



Beckett, Rupert Evelyn

Inskip, William

Gore Browne, Eric

Cornwall, Ernest

Alexander, David



Lidbury, Charles

Erskine, John Maxwell

Rangeley, Walter

Burke, John

Dibbs, Alex

Ballantyne, Walter

Robarts, David

Blair-Cunynghame, James Ogilvie

Davidson, William Bird

Chesterfield, Arthur

Prideaux, John

Benson, Jeff

Herries, Michael

Winter, Charles



Younger, George

Smith, John

Davidson, William Holmes

Money-Coutts, David