Current issue banknotes

The Royal Bank of Scotland's current £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes are part of the 'Fabric of Nature' series, begun in 2016. This is the only banknote series in the world to feature women on all denominations, and all three notes have been nominated for design awards. The less-used £1 and £100 notes continue to be issued in the older Ilay series design.

The £5, in circulation since 2016, features the writer Nan Shepherd on one side and mackerel on the other.

The £10, in circulation since 2017, celebrates scientist Mary Somerville on one side and otters on the other.

The £20, in circulation since 2020, features the entrepreneur Catherine 'Kate' Cranston and red squirrels. 

The £50, in circulation since 2021, celebrates the education pioneer Flora Stevenson and ospreys.