Historic banknotes

Over the centuries the Royal Bank of Scotland and its constituent banks have issued notes in many different designs. Here you can explore some of the most interesting, unusual and influential.

Explore our historic banknotes

This note is from the Royal Bank of Scotland's very first series, printed in 1727.

Also known as the 'red head issue', this was Europe's first multi-coloured banknote.

A fake version of one of the first notes of Commercial Bank of Scotland, established in 1810.

This was the first British banknote design to include printing on both sides. 

This note is from a particularly fine series first issued by National Bank of Scotland in 1893.

This was the Royal Bank of Scotland's longest-lived design, in use from 1832 to 1968.

This new design, introduced in 1966, was a major departure, incorporating several new design and security features for the first time.

This is from the 'interim series', issued after the merger of the Royal Bank of Scotland and National Commercial Bank of Scotland.