NatWest Group has launched a new learning resource, created to help individuals and businesses bridge gaps in skills and overcome challenges. As part of our purpose-led approach to help people, families and businesses thrive, ‘Learning with NatWest’ and ‘Learning with Royal Bank’ initially focuses on the themes of working life, money, our climate and business.

Learning with NatWest and Learning with Royal Bank, give learners access to over 80 pieces of bitesize and longer content such as videos, articles, courses and more. The learning resources will also signpost learners to some of the bank’s other existing programmes, such as MoneySenseCareerSenseDream Bigger and Business Builder.

Learning resources from organisations such as Google Digital Garage, Future Learn, World Economic Forum and Open Learn have been included to give access to credible, quality learning. This initial launch will pave the way for a more in-depth provision of content, working with our partners to identify the priority focus areas for customers.

The learning resources on offer cover the following themes:

Working life

  • Kickstart your career
  • Improve your working life
  • Skills for the future
  • Examples include: help with interviews; handling pressure; land your next job; effective networking.


  • Be better with my money
  • Make more money
  • Keep your money safe and secure
  • Examples include: ways to save; recognising fraud; preparing for retirement; budgeting tips.

Our climate

  • Learn more about climate change
  • Easy changes to support climate
  • Examples include: understanding climate change; renewable energy; sustainable fashion


  • Start a business
  • Grow your business
  • Make your business more sustainable
  • Examples include: Access to funding; The importance of mindset; Customer discovery


Click here to find out more about Learning with NatWest.

Click here to find out more about Learning with Royal Bank.

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