General FAQs

Q    Who should I call if I have a general enquiry?

A    We want to put you in touch with the right person to help you, so please have a look at the various sections on the contact us page.

Q    What is the registered address of NatWest Group plc?

A    NatWest Group plc is registered in Scotland No SC45551. Registered Office: 36 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH2 2YB.

Q    How do I make a complaint?

A    We recognise that complaints are an opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes and influence change within our business. We deal with all complaints fairly and with integrity, and all our businesses have rigorous standards and timescales to resolve customer concerns.

If you approach the relevant business directly, you will get the specialist advice and service to resolve your complaint. Please click on the links below for helpful contact numbers and information:

Q    Where can I find more information on commemorative bank notes?

A    You can read more about the features of our banknotes and you can also get in touch with our heritage specialists.

Q    How can I buy shares in NatWest Group?

A    You can find out about how to buy shares in NatWest Group in the Investors section of this website.

Q    How do I get a copy of the Annual Report?

A    Our annual report is available online and can be found in our Investor Relations centre.

Q    I would like to provide feedback on the service I have received. Whom should I contact?

A    Your feedback is very valuable to us. Please get in touch via our Customers contact page.

Q    How do I approach NatWest Group for sponsorship?

A    Sponsorship is a commercial, rather than a philanthropic activity, and must achieve goals, which benefit the bank. We do not generally sponsor:

  • clubs or societies
  • teams
  • venues
  • fundraising events
  • publications
  • videos, films or recordings
  • website development

For more information, or to submit a proposal please write to our head office: Head of Sponsorship, NatWest Group plc, 1st Floor, House F, Gogarburn, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH12 1HQ.

Q    Why did the Group change its name?

A    On 14 February 2020 we announced our plan to rename our parent company from The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc (RBS) to NatWest Group plc (NatWest Group). The name change took effect from 22 July 2020 and was announced to the market on that date.

Given the Group’s progress, the solid financial footing it is now on and the forward-looking customer focused strategy it is implementing, the Board of Directors (Board) considered this to be the right time for the Group’s name to reflect the brand under which the majority of its business is delivered: NatWest.