Our strategy is to grow our business by anticipating and meeting our customers’ needs, using data and technology to ensure we are simple to deal with, alongside a disciplined approach to cost, investment and capital allocation. Together these actions aim to deliver sustainable long-term value for our shareholders. 

Our purpose in action

  • Message from our Director of Sustainable Banking
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Our materiality assessment
  • ESG ratings & benchmarks
  • Awards and recognition
  • External assurance

Environment and Climate

  • Our approach to climate change
  • Climate and sustainable funding and financing
  • Own operational footprint
  • Biodiversity and climate change


  • Accessible banking
  • Innovation & digitalisation
  • Supporting customers in vulnerable situations
  • Detecting and preventing financial crime
  • Customer complaints
  • Customer advocacy
  • & more

Governance and Responsible Business

  • Compliance and conduct
  • Human rights and modern slavery
  • Tax responsibilities and payment
  • ESE and reputational risk management
  • Equator principles
  • Detecting and preventing financial crime
  • & more

ESG Policies and Downloads Repository

NatWest Group documents and reports on ESG-related matters.