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Holt's Military Banking

Holt's Military Bank serves members of the armed forces, veterans and their families. 

How Holt’s supports you

We offer a range of services for your unique needs across saving, investing and borrowing (provided via Royal Bank of Scotland). 

As officially appointed military agents since 1809, we understand the complexities of serving in the military. That's why we offer a special banking service tailored to your needs.

How it all began

Holt’s began as the army agency of William Kirkland, established in London in around 1809, keeping regimental accounts and providing banking facilities to soldiers and their families.

The first Holt joined the business in 1871, and from 1881 the firm was known as Vesey Holt & Co.

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Holt’s expanded to build links with the Royal Navy in 1915 and with the Royal Air Force from its formation in 1918.

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During the First World War the staff of Holt’s grew from 40 to around 850, dealing with the pay and financial needs of more than 65,000 army officers.

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The origins of Holt’s squirrel emblem are not known, but it has been in use since at least the 1920s.

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Visit our heritage hub for more history on Holt’s. 

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