Accessible banking

We continue to invest in a range of ways to make banking more accessible. Our customers can choose from digital, face-to-face and remote options. We have more than 800 branches and 16,000 physical points of presence, including our ATM network and our relationship with the Post Office.

Customers now have more control of their finances through our mobile app, including the ability to open an account, check and understand their credit score and apply for a mortgage.

We are committed to making our customer and colleague journeys accessible by design. To support this, we aim to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to Level A and AA. We gain insight and direction from disabled people in our research and we have invested in internal and external digital accessibility specialists to evaluate our experiences and share SME knowledge. 

In our app, biometrics reduce the need to remember passwords, while keeping our customers secure. As well as the environmental benefits, dark mode also helps to reduce eye strain, supports people with light sensitivity and improves readability for people with visual impairments. Furthermore, we have an executive level sponsored accessibility working group delivering strategy for more inclusive experiences.

We offer customers who require additional support a range of accessibility services, such as accessible statements in braille, large print and audio CD. In addition, we also provide sign video and translation services. BT’s Relay UK service also supports customers with hearing impairments through a type-to-talk service, while accessible card readers, rubber signature stamps, braille card wallets and our talking ATM service are other key accessibility features.

Supporting customers in their moments of need

We’re the only UK bank to offer customers the ability to lock their debit card on the app and still get cash from an ATM using our ‘Get Cash’ service. Customers can lock and unlock their card for six different payment channels, so they have even more control over their card spend. Customers also have the ability to add a gambling block onto their card which, once removed, provides the customer with a 48 hour ‘cool off’ period. Supporting customers via the ‘message us’ feature in the app, is our AI virtual assistant Cora. And if Cora can’t help, with ‘tap to call’, our contact centre colleagues are just a click away.

Our video banking service supports customers when they want the reassurance of a face-to-face conversation with our highly trained colleagues.

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