Our history

Explore the companies, people and places that have played a part in our history.

Today’s NatWest Group and its brands are made up of hundreds of past banks. They were all different – large and small, city and country, traditional and innovative – and grew to serve the banking needs of unique communities all over the United Kingdom. Each one has left its mark on our identity today.

Each of our brands has its own unique history.


NatWest, or National Westminster Bank

Launched in 1970, but traces its origins to more than 200 smaller banks founded in communities all over England and Wales.


Royal Bank of Scotland

Founded in Edinburgh in 1727 and went on to become one of the biggest banks in Scotland.


Ulster Bank

Established in Belfast in 1836 and subsequently expanded throughout Ireland.


Isle of Man Bank

The first company to be formed under the Isle of Man’s Companies Act of 1865 and has remained an important part of life on the island ever since.



London-based private bank, established in 1692.


Child & Co

Oldest name still trading in British banking, dating back to the 1640s.



Traces its origins to a business founded by a London goldsmith in about 1712.



Started as an army pay agency in about 1809, and later developed into a bank by introducing banking services for army officers.



Started as a railway wagon leasing company in Rotherham in 1861.


More information about all these brands, and the many past names that contribute to their heritage, is available on the NatWest Group Heritage Hub.

History resources


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NatWest Group Heritage Hub is an in-depth resource exploring the companies, people and places that have played a part in our history.


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