ESG policies and downloads repository

The name of our parent company changed from The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc to NatWest Group plc on 22 July 2020. Please note this page includes historic documents from before this name change, and such documents therefore remain in the name of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc.

Sector Environmental, Social and Ethical (ESE) Risk Acceptance Criteria

Please find full ESE Risk Acceptance Criteria documents for each sector below. For ESE risks that are identified and managed for customers and transactions in sectors which are not covered by specific ESE sector policies, see our ESE Risk Concerns document (PDF 138KB).


ESE Sector Risk Acceptance Criteria

ESG frameworks appendices

Our progress with reference to industry-wide sustainability standards including UN Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) self-assessment reporting, World Economic Forum International Business Council (WEF IBC) metrics alignment, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index, and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) index.

2023 (PDF 1,849KB)

2022 (PDF 1,807KB)

2021 – see pages 60-96 (PDF 14.7MB)

Tax responsibilities and payments

NatWest Group

From 2020 onwards details of the global corporate income tax payments made by NatWest Group can be found in our annual report and accounts. For the 2023 figures please see pages 414 to 416 of our Annual Report and Accounts (PDF 20MB)