Not many people get the chance to go up against England football legend at work! At NatWest Group, we’re encouraging our colleagues to focus on their physical and mental wellbeing with Go!23.

This new inclusive wellbeing challenge has been made possible by GoJoe, a social fitness app that’s been developed and grown through our very own Business Accelerator programme which helps support entrepreneurs and start-ups.

We’ve even got Jill Scott MBE, former England international footballer and Women’s 2022 Euros winner, on the team to take part!

We know that creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture is integral to fulfilling our purpose and our Go!23 challenge is designed to include everyone.


How does Go!23 work?

In a nutshell, it’s a team-based virtual activity challenge happening on the GoJoe app, running for two weeks in June. Teams of up to 7 people will work together to log their activities, and the winning team will win £500 to donate to a charity of their choosing. 


Our challenge is inclusive for all

Exercise is usually more fun when you're doing something you enjoy. We have our colleagues taking part covered with over 40 activities to choose from. We’ve included cycling, golf, yoga, Pilates, netball, cricket, swimming, and lots more.

And this challenge aims to be about more than just physical exercise & everyday movement. GoJoe’s app supports our colleagues with four pillars of wellbeing – MoveFuelRestFeel. Go!23 gives our colleagues the opportunity to explore and take care of their nutrition, sleep, mental health and mindfulness alongside the physical activity.

We know that one in four people experience mental health problems in any given year, we are fully committed to the Mental Health at Work Commitment actively working to remove the stigma of mental health in the workplace. Our colleagues have the chance to use GoJoe to rest by slowing down and finding balance as well as aiming to feel improvements in emotional, social and mental health.

With inclusion at the heart of this competition, we want colleagues to track what activities they love doing most. It’s not about how many steps our colleagues take a day, it’s about encouraging them to do more of what they enjoy - making Go!23 an inclusive and accessible challenge for all. 

Did you know?

We’re passionate about helping our colleagues to give back to our communities - we continually champion our colleagues’ impact by offering each colleague 3 days a year to volunteer on causes they care about. And the good news is, whatever our colleagues raise in donations, we match upto £500.

Looking after our colleagues’ wellbeing

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