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Supporting our trans customers, colleagues and communities

We’re sponsoring the 2022 Trans Festival which takes place on 13 August 2022. Find out more about our commitment to the trans and non-binary community.

We’re proud to sponsor the 2022 Trans Festival which take place on 13 August. At the festival we’ll join a panel to discuss, “The role of businesses in driving change, specifically for the LGBT+ community”.


And we’re going further than just sponsorship – we’re committed to delivering a better experience for our LGBT+ customers and colleagues by challenging the status quo. Here’s how we’re supporting our customers and colleagues:



  • We’ve improved the process for customers to change gender on bank records, so they can now do this in branch, through telephony, and web chat, without gender recognition certificates.
  •  Branch colleagues can now include pronouns on their name badges.
  • We’ve added a section in Banking My Way, a free service that allows customers to record information about the support or adjustments they need to make banking easier, with the following options:
    • I am transgender or in the process of transitioning
    • Please don’t assume my gender when speaking with me
    • I do not need any specific support, just be aware of my circumstance
  • We’ve introduced the Mx title for personal customers.
  • We’ve updated the process for existing customers who wish to register or re-register for online banking, removing the gender question.
  • And we’ve introduced colleague guidance to help them with customer conversations.



  • In February 2022 we launched an LGBT+ Awareness eLearning module featuring videos of LGBT+ colleagues sharing their personal experiences. Over 3,500 colleagues have completed this module so far.
  • We encourage the use of pronouns on email signatures and other communication platforms, to demonstrate our allyship for trans and non-binary colleagues.
  • We updated our security pass process so that gender fluid colleagues may have a double-sided card in order to present themselves in their masculine or feminine gender expression. For colleagues that are transitioning, they can update their photo as many times as necessary.
  • Our employment policies have been updated with an LGBT+ inclusive lens
  • In September 2022 we’ll be adding trans healthcare services, in the form of a Gender Identity Pathway, to our healthcare provision.


Jen Tippin, NatWest Group Chief People & Transformation Officer and Executive Sponsor for LGBT+, said:

“While the laws and attitudes towards LGBT+ issues and rights differ greatly from one country to another, one thing is clear: everyone is welcome here at NatWest Group. We welcome and value our LGBT+ customers, and we judge our people by their talents, performance and potential – not their sexual orientation or gender identity.”


Did you know?

Our employee led Rainbow Network provides support to LGBT+ colleagues and allies with issues relating to LGBT+ matters in and out of work. Find out more about our employee led networks.

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