As the UK’s biggest supporter for small businesses, we want to know about the challenges faced by businesses and how we can help them to thrive. Following our poll of 500 British businesses we’re sharing insights into the experience of business leaders and highlighting our support.


Key findings

Our survey found that generating new business, rising operational costs and balancing work and personal life are the top pressure points for business owners in 2023.


Amidst these pressures, businesses are still showing a healthy appetite for growth, and two thirds of British business owners surveyed reported that they’re looking to grow their business, by focusing on areas including product diversification, market expansion, their digital presence and e-commerce, and financial management.

We’re here to help

As the UK’s biggest bank for business, we run the largest business accelerator in the UK1 and last year helped 53,000 individuals and businesses through enterprise programmes. Whether it’s help with building their team, growing their network or upskilling, the NatWest Entrepreneur Hub is a great place to start for small businesses.


As well as our Accelerator, we have tools and support including Business Builder and Local Enterprise Managers who are available nationwide to support business owners in their goals and ambitions.


Our Head of Business Banking, James Holian, said:

"As the UK’s biggest supporter of small businesses, we know that helping business leaders succeed, not just through traditional banking services but with full wraparound business support, is crucial if we want a strong small business sector. The results of this survey show that while it’s never easy running a business, British business leaders continue to demonstrate their positivity, resilience and determination to grow in spite of headwinds. With the right support, we can assist businesses in overcoming challenges and help to drive their business forward.”


1.        The NatWest accelerator has been rated by Beauhurst, as of 31st August 2022, as the top UK accelerator by size and growth and is formally endorsed by the ScaleUp Institute.

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