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Avoid purchase scams this Christmas

We’re shedding light on purchase scams and how to stay safe from them over the festive season.

Criminals are taking advantage of the festive season by advertising goods which don’t exist, in the form of purchase scams.


What’s a purchase scam?

A purchase scam usually involves a criminal trying to sell goods online at a heavily reduced price. Another typical sign of a purchase scam is a time-based deal that adds pressure to the purchaser to buy now without thinking. The sites these scams are happening on most commonly are Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Twitter and eBay.


How can you avoid falling victim to one of these scams?

We’ve teamed up with national fraud prevention campaign Take Five to share top tips on how to avoid purchase scams:

Find out more from our press release

Including NatWest’s 2022 list of predicted purchase scams which criminals will use this Black Friday.   

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